Our Jacket Process

At Pelle Pelle, our commitment is to deliver leather jackets of unparalleled quality that embody perfection, an impeccable fit, and timeless style. Our jackets go through a meticulous production journey before reaching the doorstep of our valued customers.

We believe in transparency and understand that our customers want to know how their beloved jackets come to life. From the selection of premium hides to the craftsmanship that goes into creating these wearable works of art, here's a glimpse of our process:

1. The Art of Hide Selection

Every Pelle Pelle jacket is a masterpiece, and it all begins with selecting the finest hides. Our skilled artisans handpick the highest quality leather, ensuring each jacket is crafted with the best materials. We primarily use lambskin hides, known for their softness and skin-friendly attributes, creating comfortable leather products. Additionally, cowhide is utilized for crafting other items like rugs and accessories.

2. The Tanning Process

Our experts employ advanced tanning techniques and top-grade cleaning solutions to prepare the hides for jacket production. This critical step involves removing impurities, hairs, fats, and proteins that can promote bacterial growth.

3. Washing and Drying

Once the hides are tanned, they undergo a thorough washing and drying process. This stage requires precision and consumes significant energy, resulting in supple and easily workable hides.

4. Crafting the Perfect Jacket:

Crafting a Pelle Pelle jacket is an art in itself. Our skilled designers and craftsmen employ a range of techniques to bring your dream jacket to life.

Pattern Creation:

A well-fitting jacket begins with a meticulously designed pattern. Our expert designers utilize cutting-edge technology and tools to create patterns tailored to your chosen style, size, and color.

Cutting and Sewing:

Each piece of leather is carefully cut and expertly sewn together to ensure the jacket's durability. Our goal is to create a jacket that stands the test of time, maintaining its stitching and structural integrity.

Lining Attachment:

We know that comfort is key. To enhance the comfort of our jackets, we use the softest and skin-friendly viscose lining. This not only makes the jacket warmer but also provides a natural feel against the body.

Pelle Pelle jackets are more than just clothing; they are a symbol of craftsmanship and a commitment to quality. We take pride in every jacket that bears our name, and we're excited to share the artistry behind each creation with our cherished customers."